Hotel rooms in Santorini
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a) 3 nights + 3 days car rental TOTAL PRICE for 2 persons 350€
b) 5 nights + 5 days car rental TOTAL PRICE for 2 persons 550€
Per night TOTAL PRICE for 2 persons 110 €

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Dreaming holidays on Santorini island in this difficult period of financial crisis? Are you looking for a cheap hotel, rooms to let, studios or villa? Realize your dream in SPECIAL OFFER PRICES, breakfast and high quality service in our A' class Hotel. It is extended to 5000 the middle of the island, between the Capital Thira (Fira) and the most famous black sandy beaches of Santorini island.The family traditional HOTEL ABELONAS VILLAGE, is a complex of studios, rooms and villas traditionally decorated, situated 200 metres from the world famous Caldera (cliffs), at Megalochori traditional village. All the balconies have a panoramic view of the vineyards, the sea and the swimming pool. All the black sandy beaches, the Red Beach, the excavations in Akrotiri and the Main Town THIRA with all its seductive nightlife, are only five minutes drive. Our Hotel is a heaven of family hospitality and relaxation. We welcome our guests by offering them high quality service, SPECIAL OFFERS and OFFER PRICES, for an unforgettable vacation in Santorini island.  

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